Meshpoints provides a community, governance structure and facilitator support to enable Western Australia to be a more innovative society, with a focus on:

  1. Strengthening and developing the innovation ecosystem,
  2. Supporting greater capacity for innovation amongst not-for-profit organisations,
  3. Inspiring and enabling more people to develop innovations that positively contribute to a smart, innovative society.


Partners are generally organisations actively investing in growing the whole innovation ecosystem and the individuals and ventures within it. The benefits of becoming a Partner include ongoing access to support from facilitator, quarterly meetings with other Partner organisations, a yearly Congress and opportunities to deliver aspects of a Sub-Constellation project. Partners are also able to nominate and vote to elect Stewards.


A Steward is an individual, most likely associated with a Partner, who is elected to be part of the Meshpoints Stewardship group. Stewards play an important governance role in deciding priorities and processes for the Constellation, and endorsing the Lead roles and focus of specific Development or Delivery projects.

Stewards bring with them a wealth of knowledge and a depth of understanding of social impact and innovation, the ability to speak from experience and represent different perspectives and a commitment to contribute to the ecosystem.

Meet our first group of selected Stewards below!

Kylie Hansen

Founding Director of Impact Seed

Megan Del Borrello

Founder of Emersyn

Nicole Lockwood

Chair of Malka Foundation

Peter Kasprzak

Co-founder & Chairman of Innovate Australia

Clare Wood

Director & Enterprise Facilitator at EPWA


An innovation ecosystem is an open, diverse and changing network of actors clustered in various locations and sectors. They are not always well-connected or obvious, which can make navigating to find who and what you need, challenging.

Part of our future work as a group is to make navigation easier through collaborative mapping, indexing and reporting on the state and future of our innovation ecosystem.

For now, these resources about the state, map and future of WA are useful references:


The Constellation progresses specific initiatives through collaboration amongst Partners. The Fund can choose to support those initiatives if a Lead Partner submits an application for funding. The Fund assessment process includes consideration of whether applicants are a member of the Constellation and if the initiative is endorsed by the Stewardship Group.

The overall Innovative Society Initiative, supported by Spacecubed and Lotterywest is focused on enabling:

  1. Thriving resilient entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers
  2. A thriving, resilient and sustainable innovation ecosystem.

Meshpoints provides the community, governance and developmental support for Western-Australian organisations that share those aims.

Joining as a Partner is free, though you do commit to contributing time and energy to the collaborative initiatives and overall Constellation. The minimum is to attend the annual Congress and contribute to at least one meeting or sub-constellation project during the year.

A Partner is the best role for organisations starting their engagement with Meshpoints. Once you are a Partner you can choose to become Lead Partner of a collaborative initiative. Stewards are individuals elected to govern the Constellation on behalf of all Partners.

There is a Meshpoints Agreement. It is not a contract, but is a commitment to collaborate with others and ‘play by the same rules’ in realising the vision and purpose.