Constellation Partner Services

Challenges, Benefits & Services

Creating a thriving, resilient and innovative society requires collaboration amongst diverse Partner organisations. We understand the challenges of both being an innovative organisation, and then collaborating with others on big ambitions.

Below, outlines the Challenges these organisations face, and how Meshpoints can provide Benefits and Services to support both these individual organisations and the ecosystem as a whole.


We know from our first-hand experience, conversations and research that organisations working towards creating a more innovative, healthy and resilient society face real challenges, including:

Big ambitions – ambitions beyond their ability to deliver alone e.g. creating new industries, ending homelessness.

Unknown path – navigating without guides or precedents e.g. no best-practice manual for leading a disability-services social enterprise in a remote regional area, or for investing in high-impact incubation programs in Western Australia.

Abnormal outcomes – creating benefits that are not yet normalised and difficult to measure e.g. education that leads to more entrepreneurial students, or change in cultural attitudes to gender equity over decades.

Leading alone – leading a new initiative without much support can feel isolating e.g. limited peers and short on time to curate support networks.

Ephemeral ecosystem – operating an evolving organisation in an evolving context e.g. difficulty keeping up to date with who’s who and who’s doing what.

Running lean – having a marginal business model and ephemeral sources of funding e.g. no cash or time to invest in developing new initiatives.

Partner Benefits

Meshpoints, The Innovative Society Constellation, exists to address the challenges listed above, and create new opportunities in three ways, detailed below. These benefits are available for free to all Meshpoints Partners. 

Community – to help align aspirations and collaborate on practical projects, and to share lessons-learned for individuals and organisations at different stages of their journey.

Governance – to provide the structure, order and trust which enables attraction of additional resources, and enable identification of gaps, challenges, opportunities and priorities across the ecosystem.

Support – for developing new initiatives, helping existing organisations with best practice, collaborating with partners and securing resources (including funding) to scope, progress and deliver ideas.


The below services are free and inclusive for all Meshpoints Partners. 

Community Services:

  • Monthly calls for the whole network
  • Monthly news and updates from the local and international ecosystem
  • Introductions and connections
  • Sharing of useful resources and opportunities
  • Digital tools to make collaboration and staying up-to-date easy.

Governance Services:

  • Agreements that create safety and trust while engaging in emergent, chaotic collaboration
  • Quarterly in-person meetings to update, collaborate and advance initiatives
  • An elected Stewardship group to endorse priorities and lead the ecosystem evolution
  • Annual ‘Congress’ to set priorities, elect stewards and review progress against the Index

Support Services:

  • Facilitation of meetings and workshops for Partners and sub-constellations
  • Templates, guides, examples and reviews to define and develop initiatives
  • Advice on strategy, tactics and resources to advance new ideas and navigate politics

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