Partner Benefits

Partner Benefits

Creating a thriving, resilient and innovative society requires collaboration amongst diverse Partner organisations. Meshpoints exists to create new opportunities in three ways, detailed below. These benefits are available for free to all Meshpoints Partners. 


Meshpoints creates a collaborative community of individuals and organisations who are all working towards a shared goal. The group meets quarterly in person, and has regular online discussions to support the next-level of multi-stakeholder collaboration and build a more innovative society in WA.

Practically, this community helps to align aspirations, collaborate early on practical projects, and shares lessons-learned for individuals and organisations at different stages of their journey.


In this collaborative network, a level of Governance is required to create and ensure stability in the community. Meshpoints provides this structure, order and trust which enables attraction of additional resources. It also creates a broad overview of the ecosystem which enables identification of gaps, challenges, opportunties and priorities.

Practically, Meshpoints creates a new level of governance that builds trust amongst the ecosystem, and brings together funders and innovators to help them succeed.


In the past, an incubator or service provider wanting to innovate its offering would do so on their own, without funding. An example is on new content focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance, and impact for participating ventures, grants for incubator graduates or making connections to other incubators globally to develop best practice. Now, through Meshpoints those efforts are supported by a facilitator and easy access to collaborators to share the load.

Practically, this support is for developing new initiatives, helping existing organisations with best practice, providing a collaborative mechanism, and securing resources (including funding) to scope, progress and deliver ideas.