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Partner Services

Creating a thriving, resilient and innovative society requires collaboration amongst diverse Partner organisations. We understand the challenges of both being an innovative organisation, and then collaborating with others on big ambitions.

Below, outlines the free and inclusive Services available for Meshpoints Partners to support both these individual organisations and the ecosystem as a whole.

Community Services:

  • Monthly calls for the whole network
  • Monthly news and updates from the local and international ecosystem
  • Introductions and connections
  • Sharing of useful resources and opportunities
  • Digital tools to make collaboration and staying up-to-date easy.

Governance Services:

  • Agreements that create safety and trust while engaging in emergent, chaotic collaboration
  • Quarterly in-person meetings to update, collaborate and advance initiatives
  • An elected Stewardship group to endorse priorities and lead the ecosystem evolution
  • Annual ‘Congress’ to set priorities, elect stewards and review progress against the Index

Support Services:

  • Facilitation of meetings and workshops for Partners and sub-constellations
  • Templates, guides, examples and reviews to define and develop initiatives
  • Advice on strategy, tactics and resources to advance new ideas and navigate politics