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Spacecubed Innovative Society Initiative

Spacecubed Innovative Society Initiative, supported by Lotterywest, provides support to the growth of ideas that can have a significant impact on the Western Australian community, and aims to accelerate the number of people inspired to innovate within the State and ensure that those innovators have the ‘mind-sets, skill-sets and tool-sets’ to successfully grow their ideas.

If we as a community don’t invest in being a smart and innovative society, we will be more susceptible to problems and disruption. 

This needs investment in the skillsets, toolkits and mindsets of West Australians, not only to support individuals and ideas to thrive, but to build a more diverse, resilient community and economy.

If we don’t do these things then disadvantaged and vulnerable people will be adversely impacted to a greater degree which embeds challenges for the long term.

The Initiative Society Initiative is supported by...


The Innovative Society initiative comprises three distinct, but related, entities. Meshpoints, The Fund and Index each have their own governance and policies. Spacecubed Foundation is the legally accountable entity for the overall initiative.


Spacecubed activates coworking spaces, provides communities and entrepreneurs with funding and mentorship, and provides research for the innovation sector. The organisation’s objective is to empower positive change through innovation, partnerships and collaboration to build a resilient WA community.

Meshpoints is a collaborative network of individuals and organisations who are passionate about building the skillsets, toolkits and mindsets of Western Australians, not only to support the growth of individuals and ideas, but to build a more diverse, resilient community and economy.