Sub-Constellations bring together ecosystem players with a shared mission, both individuals and organisations, in self-organising action teams to progress specific initiatives that work towards building a thriving, resilient and sustainable innovation ecosystem.

Below are the current Sub-Constellations. Current Meshpoints Partners can follow the link to join in the conversation on Circle, while individuals or organisations who are yet to become Partners are invited to fill out the Expression of Interest at the bottom of this page.

SME Decarbonisation

The purpose of the SME Decarbonisation sub-constellation is to assist local SMEs decarbonise their businesses, create system-level support and incentives to facilitate industry-wide change and mitigate risk of uncoordinated efforts or unscrupulous operators.

16+ individuals working on this focus area

ESGI into Incubators

The purpose of this sub-constellation is to increase ESGI (Ecological, Social, Governance and Impact) of the ventures being supported increase attention of ventures and programs on ESGI challenges grow the market for investing in ESGI-oriented or compliant ventures.

18+ individuals working on this focus area

Regional Hub Network

The purpose of the Regional Hub Network is to support the connection between the regional hubs and Perth’s innovation ecosystem. This project aims to create an effective escape velocity for information to reach the regions, and in doing so, ensures individuals don’t feel isolated.

19+ individuals working on this focus area

Innovative Society Index

The purpose of this sub-constellation is to provide updates on the development on Index, share opportunities to get involved in its development and work with key ecosystem players to share research and get feedback on thinking. 

61+ individuals working on this focus area

Female Founders

The Female Founders sub-constellation is to increase female participation in enterprise, and address WA’s current statistics of the highest gender gap in the country, with investment funding of female led enterprise is less than 3%. 

11+ individuals working on this focus area

Agile Business Modelling

This sub-constellation will showcase how powerful and impactful agile business planning can be for an organisation. It will focus on raising awareness of the need for founders to get back to fundamentals and get their Business Planning done.

15+ individuals working on this focus area

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