About Us

Launched at Spacecubed’s 10-year anniversary, Meshpoints is 3-year program supported by Lotterywest.

The $5.9 million program exists to elevate the already active innovation ecosystem to its next level of maturity and development. Through Meshpoints, the WA community will work together to support a thriving, resilient ecosystem of innovations, change-makers and entrepreneurs.


Meshpoints enables access to the community for aligning, sharing and learning and support to prioritise, endorse and progress projects.

WA Innovation Ecosystem Index

The WA Innovation Ecosystem Index is an online platform showcasing ecosystem stories, events and activities over time.  

Innovative Society Fund

The Innovative Society Fund, made up of three streams, exists to support initiatives and innovations being developed by the ecosystem. 

Meshpoints achieves its mission through three pillars of activities:

Stewards, for representing the ecosystem

Stewards are nominated representatives of the ecosystem that form the governance body for Meshpoints. Stewards are elected each year and assist the Meshpoints team in providing support to the ecosystem, defining priorities and providing input into the review of Innovative Society Fund applications.

Kylie Hansen

Founding Director of Impact Seed

Megan Del Borrello

Founder of Emersyn

Nicole Lockwood

Chair of Malka Foundation

Peter Kasprzak

Co-founder & Chairman of Innovate Australia

Clare Wood

Director & Enterprise Facilitator at EPWA


Part of our future work as a group is to make navigation easier through collaborative mapping, indexing and reporting on the state and future of our innovation ecosystem.

For now, these resources about the state, map and future of WA are useful references: