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Create Program


Sep 9, 2022

IPS Foundation

The CREATE Program, a collaborative effort by the IPS Foundation, Maker + Co, and IPS Management Consultants, aimed to uplift Indigenous entrepreneurs in Western Australia. This transformative initiative focused on regenerative and social entrepreneurship while fostering connections within the State’s innovation ecosystem. 


Through funding, IPS Foundations were able to travel and present a pre-accelerator program to Aboriginal start-ups across Western Australia, delivering a 1 day program that took the cohort through the concepts of getting their startups off the ground. In addition, they were able to develop some webinar content for the cohort to view at the closure of the program.

CREATE had 12 people engage as part of this initiative from various areas across the state. They had many positive interactions with the cohort, as well as some great ideas that have developed. For example, Rex who was part of IPS Foundations CREATE Yarning Green program in Port Hedland, owns a unique upholstery business called RC Upholstery. Participating in this program had helped Rex grow his business by investing in better tools and supplies.