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Curtin Accelerate


Jan 1, 2023

Curtin University

The Curtin Accelerate program, initiated in 2012, is an annual accelerator designed to support early-stage, innovation-driven startups. The initiative provides participants with the chance to turn their innovative product or service into a successful business, all while refining their entrepreneurial abilities. In 2023, 48 startups applied for the program and 13 were selected to participate. Through the support of Lotterywest IdeaStarter funding, participants in the 2023 program had access to additional funding to grow their early-stage ideas.

Curtin Accelerate has a direct impact on early-stage startups, equipping them with essential tools, skills, and resources to validate their ideas and develop viable products. The overarching objective is to expedite their growth trajectory and enhance sustainability.


Within the Curtin Accelerate 2023 cohort all 13 participating startups were able to benefit from the Lotterywest IdeaStarter funding. This supplemental funding aimed to expedite the growth of their early-stage ideas, supporting their ability to establish connections with customers, validate demand, and progress in prototype development. 

Notable early-stage ideas that were progressed through the 2023 program include:

  1. Wata Watcha – A gadget that promptly identifies leaks in household water systems. 
  2. Care Corner – a digital platform ensuring peace of mind for caregivers and tracking data for informed healthcare decisions.
  3. STEM XR – leveraging immersive technologies for virtual and related realities to connect Western Australian and Australian students with relevant STEM experiences in a scalable manner.
  4. Matilda – an evidence-based digital platform offering comprehensive care for individuals with endometriosis in the comfort of their homes.