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Launchpad, Shine & Orbit Programs


Aug 8, 2022

Bloom (St Catherine’s College Centre for Youth Innovation)

Through Lotterywest IdeaStarter funding, 8 early-stage ideas were progressed through Bloom’s (St Catherine’s College), Orbit and Launchpad programs. Orbit being a 12-month accelerator designed to guide early-stage start-ups through challenges and facilitate scalability and growth, and Launchpad, a 12-week program that enables students to develop a business idea and earn academic credit. Through the support of Lotterywest IdeaStarter funding, 8 startups in Semester 1 of 2022, had access to additional funding to grow their early-stage ideas.


Notable early-stage ideas that were progressed through Bloom’s 2022, semester 1 programs include:

  1. Pursuit Profiles by Tyrah Spencer (Launchpad) – helping university students and graduates in Western Australia with Linkedin profile creation. 
  2. Iris Eco Fashion by Sienna Hamersley (Launchpad) – Creates handmade garments with fabric cuts and repurposed thrifted clothing, reducing textile waste. 
  3. Project 1 by Nelly Mher (Launchpad) – social media freelancing for local businesses to build their online presence. 
  4. Track Chats Athletics Media by Michael Christie (Launchpad) – records podcasts with WA track, field athletes and coaches to broaden their public following, as well as record video content at competitions to promote athletes on their social media profiles. 
  5. Hearted by Venus by Krissie Taylor (Launchpad) – beauty services with bookings through social media. 
  6. Ginger Imagery by Imogen Blow (Orbit) – Drone services capturing the beauty of outback Australia. 
  7. OneBase by Faye Westlund (Orbit) – is an in-home tech company that assists high performing individuals recover faster in their own homes by using OneBase’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Chamber. 
  8. AGRA Farming Technologies by Alex Montanari (Orbit) – AGRA’s objective is to foster a more sustainable agricultural future by developing and operating large-scale plant factories.