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South West Angels Expansion


Oct 10, 2022

SW Angels

The South West Angels Expansion involved collaboratively designing a strategy and framework for Angel investment in regional Western Australia, inspired by the SW Angels model. This expansion encompassed creating a brand proposition for regional investment, enlightening key stakeholders on its benefits, and presenting an actionable educational program to support regional enterprises and startups in securing investment. 


Through the support of Catalyst Create funding, this initiative actively engaged with stakeholders, founders, entrepreneurs, and potential investors across various regions, consulting nearly 100 key individuals and organisations for in-depth research into regional investment and the entrepreneurial landscape, including studying angel group methodologies, exploring syndication feasibility, and identifying funding partners. 

The team organised events, participated in speaking engagements, and facilitated a round table during the West Tech Fest investor weekend in November 2022, gathering valuable insights. The initiative aimed to establish a group of 20-50 investors, implement education programs like Angel Investing 101, and directly benefit regional entrepreneurs and startups through access to education, expertise, and potential funding, with a goal of supporting a minimum of 30-40 startups/founders annually.