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WASEC F*ck Up Nights


May 5, 2023

WA Social Enterprise Council

WA Social Enterprise Council (WASEC) hosted three F*ckup Nights to highlight groups that are currently underrepresented in the innovation ecosystem: young people, social enterprises and regional communities.

The first of the three events was hosted at Bloom, where young people were the stars of the show. Three young innovators were able to showcase their own unique failure stories as well as network and connect with the ‘big dogs’.

During the second event, WASEC put a spotlight on three local social enterprise innovators and encouraged the wider community to support businesses for good. While the Social Enterprise Sector in WA is still in its infancy and struggles to receive adequate support from government, investors and wider community, this event highlighted businesses doing good. 

The third event supported regional innovators by running the first ever F*ckup Night in the South West through a partnership with the Creative Tech Hub. 


There was a collective impact of 155 attendees across the three events. Twelve speakers had the opportunity to promote their business and three beneficiaries showcased, contributing to a more inclusive and supportive innovative ecosystem.